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The MicroB-UAS is a mature, operational, advanced Micro-UAS

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The MicroB-UAS is a mature, operational, advanced Micro-UAS, weighing approximately 1Kg. The MicroB creates a new niche in the UAS arena providing unprecedented Mini-UAV capabilities (over 10Km range, over one hour endurance, Stabilized video image, etc.) in a Micro-UAV form factor, while maintaining its very competitive and affordable price.

The MicroB is designed for full autonomous operation, providing unmatched ease-of-use and high maintainability. Equipped with a proprietary gimbaled and stabilized EO or IR payloads, the MicroB can be autonomously launched from its hand-held launcher within seconds – even in a crowded urban environment or through a window, providing high quality video and images, with GIS information and automatic target tracking.

The MicroB UAV is an outstanding Micro UAV, integrated with a combat proven avionics suit, electric brushless motor, rechargeable battery and proprietary payloads (day or IR) and extensive flight envelope. Those unique attributes enable the execution of effective ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) missions, providing immediate, independent intelligence.
The MicroB was delivered to a number of customers around the world, mainly Special Forces and security details of strategic infrastructure.

Bluebird - MicroB - 1-1


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