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Turkey deployed near the Syria border «Bozena 5» unmanned mine clearance system

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Turkey  deployed  near the Syria border «Bozena 5» unmanned mine clearance system.

The «Bozena 5» medium demining system  deployed on Jarablus border. It has been speculated that these machines have been deployed before a Turkish intervention to create a safe zone. This speculation would be hard to fathom since Russia has warned against any further Turkish intervention in Syria.

Unmanned ground vehicle BOZENA 5 is designed for clearance of all conventional antipersonnel and antitank land mines and for IED removal assistance. Its approach of SAFETY is based on remote control operation (range up to 5 000 m) and on the noteworthy blast resistance (9 kg TNT). BOZENA 5 can basically operate with both – the Flail and Tiller tools for effective mine clearance.

BOZENA 5 shall be suitable for clearance of large mine affected areas due to its potential, size and weight which is twice as big as previous generations of BOZENA machines. BOZENA 5 system consists of Prime mover and detachable working unit, basically the Flail or Tiller for demining works. Furthermore, its capabilities are enriched by a field-proven concept of VERSATILITY with wide range of accessories and attachments available for C-IED (counter improvised explosive devices) operations and for field construction works.

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