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Turkey deploys 80 tanks to Yuksekova on Iran border

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Yuksekova  district of Hakkari intensive military activity took place today in the evening. A large number of tanks in the district passed the Divisional Commander.

Yüksekova, is a Kurdish populated city and formerly known as Gever, is a district of Hakkari Province of Turkey, situated on the border with Iran. Its location on the trade route between north western Iran and eastern Turkey made it an important juncture for travelers and the location of several ethnic groups that were active in regional trade.

Dogan News Agency (DHA compared to) us, until about 80 tanks and heavy military vehicles  from the direction of Van, entered the district center under extensive security measures. Tanks moved to Division Headquarters here on the Silk Road. In the town center during the passage of tanks intense security measures were taken.

In the town of Yuksekova near the Iranian border, militants opened fire on security forces removing barricades and ditches, the local governor’s office said. It said the shooting had left one civilian dead and another wounded.

Military operations have also recently wound up in other parts of the mainly Kurdish southeast, most recently in the town of Idil, near the Syrian border. The military said on Wednesday 120 PKK fighters were killed in three weeks of fighting there.


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