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Turkey says it shot down Syrian helicopter

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

A Syrian military helicopter has been shot down by the Turkish F-16C fighter jet, according to several media reports.

Turkish media reports that President Erdogan personally ordered the attack on the Syrian helicopter. On his order, pilot of a Turkish Air Force F-16C fighter jet used AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range, Air-to-Air missile to shoot-down a Mi-17 utility helicopter of Syria Arab Air Force over Idlib yesterday.

It also added that the Turkish Air Force will shoot down more Syria Arab Air Force aircraft over Idlib if required.

The attack, which happened somewhere near Nerab in western Syria, comes after Syrian tyrant Bashar al-Assad’s forces killed five Turkish soldiers.

Ankara has retaliated with strikes on 115 government positions, according to Reuters.

Turkish military said 101 of the targets had been destroyed, including three tanks, two mortar positions and one helicopter.

The military helicopter was shot down south of Idlib city, where rebels supported by Turkish artillery were advancing near the town of Nairab in Idlib province to push back Russia-backed forces, Abdulah al-Shami, a commander in a coalition of mainstream rebel factions, told Reuters news agency.

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