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Turkish F-16 shoots down Syrian regime aircraft

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Turkey has shot down another Syrian regime aircraft for violating its airspace.

A Turkish F-16 that took off from an airport in the southern province of Adana shot down the Syrian aircraft with two missiles, military officials told daily Hürriyet. “The area is currently searched for the crashed aircraft. It would soon be seen if it was a plane or a helicopter,” the source said.

UPD : Turkey said it shot down a Syrian drone

Locals told daily Hürriyet that a Syrian military plane violated the Turkish border twice on May 16 in the Dursunlu-Emek area of the southern border province of Hatay. They added that the aircraft fell into the Syrian side of the border in three pieces.

In June 2012, a Turkish F-4 Phantom warplane crashed into the Mediterranean after being shot down by Syria.

The Turkish Air Force shot down a Syrian helicopter in September 2013 at the border after it violated Turkey’s airspace.

Turkish fighter jets also downed a Syrian jet on March 23, 2014, after it crossed into Turkish airspace.

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