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U.S. Air Force contracted Boeing for Small Diameter Bomb

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Boeing has received a contract for Small Diameter Bomb I focused lethality munition production assets.

The contract, announced on 10 September by the U.S. Department of Defense, is worth more than $14 million and provides for GBU-39 A/B weapons, and single weapon shipping/storage containers.

The U.S. Department of Defense also noted that all work will be performed in St. Louis and is expected to be completed by September 2020.

According to the Boeing, the Small Diameter Bomb (SDB) system is the next generation of low-cost and low collateral-damage precision strike weapons for internal and external carriage. With a range greater than 60 nautical miles, SDB’s precision guidance and compact size allow today’s warfighters to surgically prosecute more targets per sortie.

The pneumatic SDB carriage allows four weapons to be carried in one aircraft weapon station. The SDB Focused Lethality Munition (FLM) variant incorporates a carbon fiber composite warhead case and an advanced multiphase blast explosive for precision engagements with ultra-low collateral damage outside the blast zone.

The SDB I a most effective in the urban and broader close air support, battlefield interdiction, Destruction of Enemy Air Defences (DEAD) lethal suppression and counter-air strike airfield attack roles, said the Air Power Australia. Against soft skinned vehicles and structures, armour, point emplacements, runways, aircraft shelters and SAM/SPAAG systems this weapon will be highly lethal.

The GBU-39 SDB can go aboard the F-15E Strike Eagle, Panavia Tornado, JAS-39 Gripen and AC-130W gunship. It also may go aboard the F-16, F-22 Raptor, F-35 Lightning II, A-10 Thunderbolt II, B-1 Lancer, B-2 Spirit, B-52 Stratofortress, and AC-130J.

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