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U.S. Army orders next generation 40mm grenades

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

RDZM LLC from Virginia has been awarded an $8,3 million U.S. Army contract for the procurement of next generation 40mm rounds for use with MK 19 grenade launcher, the Defense Department announced.

RDZM was awarded a hybrid contract for the Engineering and Manufacturing Development, Low Rate Initial Production and Full Rate Production of the 40mm HV HEDP-AB XM1176 cartridge.

The cartridge will provide the warfighter with the ability to achieve the required lethal effects against enemy personnel in the open, coupled with the capability to defeat personnel targets in defilade positions. Additionally, the XM1176 will be able to defeat unarmored and lightly armored vehicles.

This adds an increased capability over the current M430A1 HEDP cartridge. The requirement for the XM1176 will be achieved through the replacement of the M549/M549A1 fuze to a programmable fuze and associated programming unit.

The newest XM1176 is a 40mm high velocity, HEDP impact type round designed to penetrate hardened steel plate and inflicts casualties in the target area. The cartridge is an anti-material round, fired from an automatic grenade launcher. It is lethal against armoured targets, structures and personnel.

According to a statement released by the Defense Department on Friday, work will be performed in Middletown, Iowa; Stafford, Virginia; and Reading, Massachusetts, with an estimated completion date of June 27, 2025.

U.S. Army Contracting Command, New Jersey, is the contracting activity.

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