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Ukraine buy 90 new Bars multifunctional light armored vehicle

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

National Guard and The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine buys 90 new Bars (Panther) multifunctional light armored vehicle from Cherkassy car plant, which is part of the corporation “Bogdan”, reported

The factory developed the armored vehicle within a short period of time, under conditions relating to the ongoing military action in eastern Ukraine, as the army is not fully equipped with the necessary equipment, the factory’s director Vladyslav Sopita said in a press release.

Multifunctional light armored vehicle “Bars” of its own design 4×4, which is designed for tactical missions, border patrols, security checkpoints and conducting combat operations in the city.

As specified agency “Interfax-Ukraine” the press service of the company, the car is built upon import aggregate basis using domestic components. Its estimated cost is about 1 million UAH.

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