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Ukraine marks Independence Day with massive military parade

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

On 24 August Ukraine celebrated its official Independence Day.

The parade, marking the  27th anniversary of the country’s independence, began with thousands of troops lined up at center Kyiv.

4,500 servicemen and 250 pieces of military equipment and dozens of military aircraft take part in the parade on the occasion of Ukraine’s Independence Day this year, including new weapon systems that have already been adopted and those that are being tested.

Also, representatives of 18 foreign countries take part in the military parade on the occasion of the Independence Day celebration.

This year the military parade features 24 sections, representing the Ukrainian Armed forces, the State Border Service, the National Guard and Security Service of Ukraine.

Independence Day of Ukraine is the day when the state commemorates the Declaration of Independence of 1991. It is traditionally celebrated on August 24.



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