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Ukraine troops to receive 10 new «Dozor-B» armored vehicles

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Ukraine troops to receive 10 new «Dozor-B» armored vehicles, reported  Stepan Poltorak Minister of Defense of Ukraine .

The «Dozor-B» reaches the speed of 120 km per hour and has a highway operating range of 700 km. The vehicle can overcome half-meter-high obstacles and its maximum roll angle is 24ᵒ. «Dozor-B» withstands the hits of armor-piercing bullets from the distance of 30 meters and 150-mm projectile wreckages, blasted within 50 meters. The hull of the armored personnel carrier has the Kevlar splinter-proof protection, to keep people inside the vehicle safe.

The «Dozor-B» is armed with a remote controlled 12.7mm machine-gun mount, camera, thermal imagery camera with laser range-finder and a NSBT-12.7 machine gun. “Dozor-B” can hit enemy troops and lightly armored vehicles, as well as successfully fire the air targets


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