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Ukrainian army aviation takes part in Skrydstrup 16 in Denmark

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

On June 17-20, the Ukrainian army aviation took part in ‘Skrydstrup — 2016’ International Airshow held in Denmark, that reported by Ministry of Defenсe of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian delegation was led by Lt. Gen. Serhiy Drozdov, Commander of Air Force, Ukrainian Armed Forces. Ukrainian Su-27 and Su-27UB fighters, Il-76MD airlifter participated in the show. Ukrainian pilots demonstrated technical capabilities of the aircrafts, Ukrainian Air Force and impressed all the guests of the air show.

There was a presentation of the Ukrainian aircrafts at the international level i.e. static demonstration and flights in the framework of the event. The crews shared experience; the Ukrainian senior officials discussed with Danish leaders the prospects of bilateral defence cooperation concerning Northern Falcon 2017 joint operation.

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