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Ukrainian BMPT-64 heavy infantry fighting vehicle

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

In 2012 specialists of «The Kharkov BTRZ” demonstrated its new development: a modified version of the heavy infantry fighting vehicle – BMPT-64 unified with the T-64 on the engine with service systems, powertrain, chassis and electrical equipment. BMPT-64 is designed for the transportation of personnel, increasing its mobility, protection and firepower. This car is an evolution of the design of BMP-64, differing from the latter a higher level of protection and modular weapons. The machine is made by the classical layout, front engine, followed sequentially arranged separation of management, fighting and troop compartment in the rear wall of the ramp.

Ramp not only facilitates loading and unloading in the troop compartment of heavy and oversized cargo (boxes of ammunition, stretchers with the wounded), but also allows you to make it when the machine is moving. Integral double-wing design allows the ramp to open the top and bottom flaps independently of each other, allowing, if necessary, in defense most of the doorway, observing a broad field of view, or the fire of individual weapons at the same time a number of paratroopers.

Armament of the machine is placed in a rotating uninhabited turret, located in the central part of the case. BMPT main armament is a 30 mm automatic gun 2A42. On the roof of the tower is a cylindrical shaft for mounting removable combat units, unified with the applicable at the T-64E. On the left and right side of the tower located on two ATGM launchers “Barrier”. The location of the complex weapons in the unmanned turret makes it possible to separate it from the crew, thereby increasing the ergonomics crew compartment BMP, and significantly reduce the risk to the crew and troops during combat weapons complex lesions and the possible detonation of ammunition.

Because the BMPT is made by converting a tank, it provides a level of protection similar to a tank, with a built-in set of cumulative dynamic protection “Knife” allows you to block all classes of anti-tank weapons. As the power plant is used a well-known motor 5TDF. To cool the SC in the VLD design provided a window for air intake on the radiator. Due to the high levels of overall power was to reduce the height of the body and the machine as a whole. Appeared so “reserve” supply was aimed at strengthening the body armor that has provided a combination of high base level of protection with a mass of 34.5 tonnes. Volume requirements of the new Kharkov BMPT provide its aviatransportabelnost aircraft type Airbus A400M, An-70, Il-76MF.

BMPT-64 can be optionally equipped with an auxiliary diesel generator power plant and air conditioning. The manufacturer during operation provides repair, if necessary – the modernization of the product or other re-armament complex and / or reconfigure the product by the customer. High degree of unification of the Kharkov tank and infantry fighting vehicles not only facilitates the training of crews, simplifies maintenance, supply chain, but also can significantly minimize the amount of supply of spare parts, fuel, oil, and supplies.

However, it must be considered that the T-64 tanks are no longer in service anywhere other than in Ukraine. It is clear that the acquisition BMPT-64 is most appropriate for the simultaneous purchase of the T-64E. Both of these machines create a complementary tandem for equipping modern heavy infantry formations.

At 34.5 tons, BMPT-64 is lighter and smaller than European ‘Puma’ (41 tons) or Russia’s BMPT “The Terminator” (48T), but heavier than the American M2 “Bradley” (25t). It has as a primary and a secondary weapon in unmanned modular design. So, instead of the regular module can be set to any other unit of the same class – for example, the Ukrainian “Sail”, “Storm”, “Thunder” or «SAMSON RCWS-30″ by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. On the “Bradley”, “Puma” or BMPT “Terminator” such substitution is not provided.

More opportunities weapons BMPT-64 plug-in modules further extend the arms, the same as that installed on the modernized tanks T-64E and T-72e. This is the “know-how” extremely Kharkov BTRZ. Thus, the fire power of BMPT-64 exceed those of the “Bradley” and “Puma”, but somewhat inferior to the Russian BMPT “Terminator.” However, unlike the latter, BMPT-64 is also quite full BMP and is landing. BMPT-64 is a highly original, worthy of attention in the development, proving that getting a high-class modern military equipment and can with very limited financial cost – there is a will and a desire to work.


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