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Ukrainian company reveals Laska unmanned ground vehicle

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Ukrainian Infocom Ltd company unveiled a new wheeled unmanned ground vehicle at the first All-Ukrainian forum of private defence enterprises.

Loosely dubbed Laska — Ukrainian for weasel— it has remote weapon station and can be operated by laptop or special computer. The Laska is equipped with a modular comprised of vehicle control, navigation, RT mapping and autonomy, sensors and mission payloads.

The implementation of the Laska unmanned ground vehicle control system on the basis of the software and hardware of a single computer platform provides effective synchronous control of traffic and fire.

The computer resources in the system are sufficient to increase the level of autonomy in the future.

The Laska wheeled unmanned ground vehicle is armed with the 7.62 mm PKM machine gun. The weapon station is armed with 200 rounds of ready-use ammunition, which is fed from the ammunition box located on the right side.

Infocom Ltd is an innovative engineering company established in 1996. The company has extensive experience in implementing international projects related to automation of industrial and infrastructural objects, implementation of alternative energy and material accounting solutions.

Photo by Dylan Malyasov
Photo by Dylan Malyasov

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