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Ukrainian company seeks to enter at new for itself armoured vehicle segment

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Ukraine’s JSC “Ukrautobusprom” commercial vehicle manufacturer seeks to enter difficult business segment for enhancing their expertise.

The Ukrautobusprom is developing the new armoured vehicle, called the Cavalier.

Cavalier is a  4×4 multi-purpose mine-protected Light Tactical Armoured Vehicle (LTAV). The new vehicle in addition to the armoured personnel carrier role, it can also be used as a command, transport platform for light firearms and missile weapons, communications and other defence systems, or scouting vehicle.

The vehicle offers a cost-effective and reliable platform for a troop carrier. The vehicle can be fitted with a turret or remote weapon station. A variety of customer-specific remote weapon station can also be added as optional equipment.

Cavalier weighs 6.6 ton and can accommodate a driver and 6 dismounts. The V-shaped hull design offers unprecedented protection for the crew against mine and IED blasts.

The Ukrautobusprom offers the concept of new wheeled combat vehicle for the use in Ukrainian ground forces, National Guard of Ukraine and for sale to the export market.

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