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Ukrainian transport aircraft wowing the crowd with impressive maneuvers at Aero India 2019

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The Ukrainian manufacturer of famous AN-225 and AN-124 cargo planes, a division of the Ukrainian Defense Industry presented the latest multi-purpose transport aircraft at an international defense exhibition in India.

During Aero India 2019 exhibition in Bangalore, Antonov company has unveiled a prototype transport aircraft that it claims can compete with Airbus C295 and Leonardo C-27J range. The latest Ukrainian multi-purpose transport aircraft, called the AN-132D, took to the skies and showcased its capabilities wowing the crowd with a series of high- and low-speed maneuvers.

Exhibition’s visitors were particularly impressed by an unexpected aerial maneuver – barrel roll when a plane makes a complete rotation on both its longitudinal and lateral axes, causing it to follow a helical path, approximately maintaining its original direction, like a fighter aircraft.

The AN-132 is designed to carry up to 9.2t of cargo at altitudes up to 28,000ft. It comes equipped with a suite of updated technologies, including Dowty propellers and a Liebherr air management system.

Due to improved aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft its relative fuel consumption per kilometer is 4.7% less compared to AN-32. Besides, the AN-132’s fuel tanks have more capacity. Due to this, the flight range was increased.

Onboard loading equipment of the AN-132 meets the western standards and provides the possibility of operation within an international logistic system as well as transportation and airdropping of 463L NATO standard pallets.
AN-132’s cargo compartment is longer in comparison with AN-32. So, the new aircraft can carry more military personnel, paratroopers and cargoes.

During this international event, the Ukrainian side is promoting AN-132 transport aircraft as a potentially replaced for AN-32 fleet of the Indian Air Force in the future.

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