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UKROBORONPROM specialists tested armored personnel carrier Saxon

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Journalists and Kyiv Armored plant specialists tested armored personnel carrier Saxon in field conditions 19 February, Thursday. Mass media had a chance to witness high quality equipment in action: all elements of the tank hull are armored in accordance with NATO “B7”(withstands steel-cased 7, 62 ammo), hull is welded steel with V-shaped under-chassis plate to detect mine detonations up to 9kg; V-shaped turbo diesel engine “6W” by “Cummins” with 5,9 liters displacement, automatic transmission “Alisson AT45”, air conditioning system etc.

“The main advantage of the given model is fair balance between price and quality. UKROBORONPROM can equip these armored vehicles with KT-7, 62 guns. We are elaborating on the idea of grenade launcher and the armored carrier BTR-70 turret mounting, depending on battle tasks” – mentioned First Deputy Director General of UKROBORONPROM Sergii Pinkas.

Armored Personnel Carrier BTR-3E1 was successfully tested during the given event. This type of vehicle is designed to carry troops, arms and other supplies to support the armed forces in the battlefield. It can be used as a reconnaissance, combat support and patrol vehicle as well.




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