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Venezuelan Air Force Su-30MKV pilots confirm killed in crash

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro confirmed Friday the deaths of two air force personnel and offered condolences to their families.Captain Ronald Ramirez and Captain Jackson Garcia died when their Sukhoi-30 fighter crashed near the Colombian border.Describing the pair as “heroes of the youth military of the nation,” Maduro issued condolences while praising the work of the air force.

“Honor and glory to these worthy, valiant warriors … the country continues in the civil-military struggle,” he tweeted.In a separate statement, Minister for Defense Vladimir Padrino lamented the loss of the two personnel.“Our military institution greatly regrets the abrupt loss of two of its members – officers of virtue with an immense sense of patriotism, fulfilling the sacred honor to protect and uphold their oath to Venezuela,” he said.

Padrino continued, “they gave their lives in defense of the most noble interests of the nation and its citizens.”

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