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Video: UkrOboronProm inspects tanks before sending those to the armed forces of Ukraine

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

UKROBORONPROM SE “Kharkiv Armored Plant” specializes in overhaul and restoration of the main battle tanks T-64 and T-80 and all modifications, used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As soon as the tank is damaged or warranty lifetime of its components ends, the plant performs routine repairs or heavy overhaul.

In practice, this means that the tank actually receives a new life: it is dismantled, then all its systems, components, units and individual parts are tested for their compliance with the design documentation. Verified, and if necessary, – repaired or replaced components will be used for the tanks re-fit.

This repair requires hard and coordinated team work of “Kharkiv Armored Plant” specialists, who repaired 60 tanks in 2016. This streamlined process takes place every day, so Armed Forces of Ukraine will timely receive battle-ready military equipment that will help in defending the country.

It is important to note that after each stage of repair tanks – under inspection of the customer representatives – the military representatives – work quality testing is provided. This process was filmed by UKROBORONPROM Press service.

Tank T-64, that arrived to the SE ” Kharkiv Armored Plant” for regulatory overhaul, got a full range of restoration works for power plant, systems, transmission units, complex weapons including the guided ones. Works on mounting active armor were carried out.

The vehicle was sent to a special tank-training ground for repair results testing, the plant specialists and representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine tested the vehicle under various operating conditions. Taking into account the need to test tank running properties only, the vehicle had no advanced armor attachments. This protection will be mounted before the final stage of acceptance testing, the results of which will allow to decide on the repairs quality.

High quality of the works – performed by specialists of the UOP SE “Kharkiv Armored Plant” – was proved during the testing. The vehicle itself was transferred to plant specialists to check weapons and prepare those for firing tests, after which the vehicle will be directed to the final stage of testing. T-64 – renovated and equipped with a complete set of protection – will be transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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