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Vietnam Unveils an Upgraded Version of BM-21M-1 GRAD

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Rocket Artillery BM-21M-1 was one of the the General Engineering’s (DoD’s) improvement from BM-21.

After the improvements, rocket artillery BM-21M-1 has overcome the fundamental limitations of rocket artillery BM-21, thereby enhancing technical features, tactics, especially the ability to automatically calculate and control fire.

Through the improvement of some contents, rocket artillery BM-21M-1 is capable of calculating, adjusting and control elements automatically, get fired fast and accurate; integrated information systems, data transfer guarantees, operational in all terrain conditions, weather, day and night.

Previously crew of rocket artillery BM-21 with 5 people, now with BM-21M-1 crew shortened to 4 people. Preparation time before firing the BM-21 is 14 minutes, this time firing preparation of BM-21M-1 only 1.5 minutes.

The control range the direction of rocket artillery BM-21 initially manually, after being converted into rocket artillery BM-21M-1, the control range, navigation can be done automatically.

Similarly, former rocket artillery BM-21 shooting element calculations manually, now with BM-21M-1, the calculation is performed element automatic firing.

It’s a few examples to show the superiority of Vietnam rocket artillery BM-21M-1 improvement.

Notably, the improved rocket artillery BM-21M-1 totally rely on the defense potential of the country; consistent with economic conditions, the level of use of our operators and meet the requirements of modernization of weapons and equipment of the army.


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