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War technologies 80: Black berets, Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2017

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

– Marines of Ukraine. A line of obstacles for black berets
– Financial assistance from the US – SC “Ukroboronprom” at IDEF-2017 exhibition in Turkey
– SE “Antonov” and SE “Civil Aviation Plant 410” – PAT
– Restoration Institute of Armored Forces
– Helicopter Robinson R-44 and situational car for National Police of Ukraine. Eurovision
– Modernization of Dozor-B. A new batch of 40 units
– The rally of World War II vehicles in Donbas
– New packed lunch for the French Special Forces
– Suppressors printed on 3D-printer
– Building a fence between Latvia and Russia
– Self-propelled howitzers M-109A5OE for Lithuania. Technology Canada
– flight Solar Stratos. Return of X-37B space. System Alias. DARPA
– US Navy shipwreck. Launching vehicles in the United States and Portugal
– Tank biathlon in Germany Strong Europe Tank Challeng-2017. Results. Ukraine (T-64BV), Austria (Leopard 2A4), France (AMX-56 Leclerc), USA (M1A2 Abrams), Poland (Leopard 2A5), Germany (Leopard 2A6)

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