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The Best Selling Harambe Patches Online - Harambe Patches

Posted by Julio Medina on

Harambe Patches

Have you been looking for a Harambe Morale Patch online? No need to look any further because the best selling patch is here at Morale Patch Armory. You can find it here:

We knew as soon as Harambe was taken away we needed to honor him with a patch that was sure to increase morale and thus we started out on our mission to increase the morale of each individual who was lucky enough to get their hands on this patch while it's in stock. We have been having a hard time keeping the inventory stocked because it seems everyone is going ape shit (pun intended, even if he harambe is a gorilla) for this badass patch.

The second most popular Harambe patch is this one: 

It's been a hit and you can see why. That banana at the bottom still cracks us up even after seeing this patch sent out hundreds of times to date. Check them out, show your friends.

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