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A message from Army Sec. McCarthy "salute and move on"

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In response to growing criticism across the nation, the U.S. military, Congress and other political leaders Army Sec. Ryan McCarthy has a message for all soldiers...just "salute and move on."

“Everybody has opinions in the war of ideas. But, when national policy decisions are made, we salute and move on," said McCarthy. That is his message.

My message is to tell you that If you wonder what your actual rights are as a servicemember, they are outlined in DoD Directive 1344.10. These rights include the right to participate in political activities, protest, criticism and dissent of the government, within the boundaries of some reasonable guidelines.

That doesn't mean that you can engage in disrespectful name calling and profanity directed at the president or other elected leaders and officials but you can definitely point out that letting Turkish and Russian militants waltz right into Syria and begin slaughtering Kurdish men, women and children and letting ISIS terrorists run free that U.S. servicemembers and our Kurdish allies have risked and sacrificed their lives to a violation and betrayal of every principle that we hold dear in the U.S. military.

And for anyone who hasn't been keeping up with the news, Pres. Trump announced that troops would be remaining in protect their oil fields...from ISIS the ones we let be freed by Turkey and Russia.

"I don’t think it’s necessary, other than we secure the oil - We need to secure the oil," Pres. Trump said.

So we're protecting oil...just not innocent men, women and children and our allies that have given their lives so that we could make inroads against ISIS.

My message is to tell you that the mandatory military training that we all have to conduct several times a year flies directly in the face of "salute and move on." When you see soldiers engaged in hazing, bullying or other destructive acts, do not "salute and move on." When you see soldiers engaged in or targeted by sexual harassment, assault and rape, do not "salute and move on." And when you see soldiers who are struggling and need help with PTSD, stress or other life issues, do not "salute and move on." Do what you have been trained to do. Question and take action when you see something that is wrong.

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