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Am I going to be screwed over?

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My recruiter is telling me to not disclose a lot of information on my enlistment paperwork (smoking weed, went to hospital and had blood work done where they found marijuana in my blood, the record says “marijuana abuse” which I don’t understand but that’s besides the point. A court case that was from when I was a minor where I went on the DEJ program, which means if I do their list of tasks the case is thrown out. It was thrown out and nothing is on my record) the job I plan I doing required a security clearance, so my concern is during the process they back reference my enlistment paperwork and find out i lied to get into the military and deny me security or discharge me. Let’s say they find out I was in court, they find out I used marijuana, they find out whatever it is I lied about to get into the military. They ask me the questions in the interview then I am honest about those things, which I plan on doing. What’s the next step after that? Am I just forgiven for literally lying to get into the military because my recruiter told me I’d be denied otherwise, or am I shit out of luck?

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