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Army Civilian Job Help

Posted by /u/FrozenHellScape on

Hello, I had recently tried to see if I could join the military (through the army), but was told I couldn't because I had narcolepsy and was taking daily medication for it. It's honestly kinda put me in a slump cause I had really wanted to join, not to shoot people up, but because there's just this feeling I get when the people around me are in danger, like I have to protect them with my life. This was only solidified when my current job had a shooter safety course meeting, and they had said that the last thing to do in case of a shooter is to take them down... On an instinctual level I had completely disagreed with that. I'm looking to see if I could help out the military through getting a job in the military as a civilian so that I can still serve in some way. I just don't know where to go or who to call, with me being only 19, I haven't much experience outside of fast food jobs and about 4 months of assembly experience.

On a side note, I had really been pushed to check out the military when I had started taking an interest in MilSim Paintball, I have sorta a mindset change that makes me more alert, careful, and tactical.

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