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Army Reservist deployed... Overseas.. and not getting paid. Spouse not covered by Tri-Care

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I have a work colleague that is in the Middle East and never could straighten out his pay situation. He is a reservist in the US Army. His unit got deployed to Kuwait. He texted us that his paychecks aren’t coming and his wife, who was supposed to be eligible for Tricare during his deployment, isn’t able to make her health care appointments. She is being shut out of the military healthcare system.

Colleague is a young guy, 24 yo, and I want to help him out.

My husband is a Vet and I always seem to smooth out issues with spouse’s VA care as I am savvy at elevating things to the right parties (usually our US Congressman’s office. Does the trick every time!) But that works I think because my spouse is a Vet and there is such a spotlight on the VA.

I want to help this young guy out. Who should he write to? I want to draft a letter for him and tell him who to write and who to “CC” the letter to.

Thanks, and thank you all for your service!

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