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First, sorry, I’m not in the military, although I do plan to go in as a commissioned officer. I love learning as much as I can about the military so I’m as prepared as possible, and through that research I’ve discovered a lot of topics that seem unanswered to me. I’ve found out that there are sports for kids and adults to play, which I find pretty cool that someone would still want to go play baseball after a hard day of field exercises.

1) I’ve noticed a lot of empty spaces, where’s it just a barren field with grass, can kids go here and play? Or is this just some no-man’s land? 2) Are there designated hunting areas? Obviously you can’t go shoot a squirrel outside your family’s housing, but can you just go to any spot that is far enough away from housing and hunt? 3) How many people actually ride motorcycles? I’ve heard you can, but have never heard of anyone actually riding. Thank you in advance!

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