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Boyfriend is deploying... Care packages?

Posted by /u/DaddiesBrattyKitten on

So my boyfriend is deploying in a few weeks. I am absolutely a wreck already and don't want him to go, but duty calls. We have been together for a year and a half, and this is going to be my first real deployment with him. I never dated military, never had to send a care package before. So I am fairly clueless about them.

He is.... A frustrating man in the sense of when I asked him what to send in care packages for him, he just shrugged, and told me he could get anything he needed and to not worry. Like bro... I wanna send you packages to show you I love you and miss you. Fucker can be so oblivious sometimes lol. (To explain, his only other serious relationship while he has been enlisted was his ex wife of seven years. And never once did she ever send him a care package, and neither did his family, so he has never gotten one. Explains his mindset but still... I plan on sending him one every month.)

Now I have ripped apart the internet looking for ideas for care packages, and a lot I am pulling up is snacks and treats. And yeah I want to do that, but I also want to send him practical stuff he would use. And some more fun, hey relax and have fun stuff, I don't mind he could leave it behind for others. But all the lists I found, ideas I found, were boring, generic, and all fairly identical. And all stuff mostly for those going into an active duty area, which he is not.

And... He is going to be deployed for Christmas. And I make a MASSIVE deal about Christmas. So I need some ideas... Both for normal care packages, and a special Christmas package. Can anyone help with ideas? Cause I am clueless.

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