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Can someone here help me identify the rank of this Philippine-American war soldier?

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Hi there, I have a photograph here of my great-great grandfather (marked by an x) from the Philippine American war. He was in the 1st Montana Volunteer infantry, Company F. The photo shows 5 soldiers and what looks like a superior demonstrating defensive technique against a bayonet. Can anyone identify what rank the superior is here? My great-great grandfather was honorably discharged as a First Sergeant in 1899, however all the people here seem to be wearing the same uniform, except for the demonstrator.

Here's a list of men in his company:


Officers: William L. Hill, Capt. Gustave T. Nickel, 1st Lt. Adolf Keppner, 2nd Lt. Sergeants: Adolph Keppeler, 1st Sgt. Thomas J. Coberly, Quartermaster Sgt. Arlin R. Ayers Gustave H. B. Hess Louis Olson James E. Weaver Corporals: John H. Caddy Charles H. Evans William Johnson Ernest H. Leosch John Stenzel James C. Taylor
Musicians: John G. Vigeant David L. Williams Artificer: Joseph O. J. Beckman Wagoner: John Strasser
Privates: Alex. C. Abbott Albert Ackerman Joseph J. Baker William Borkowski Joseph Brauer Edward B. Bowen Herbert R. Bucks Frederick A. Chaxel Dugal Carmichael James Cravere Alfred C. Caddy Geo. W. Chapman Adolph M. Clay Milan D. Elderkin Chas. W. Elwell John J. Evans Joseph Frantzen John S. Forsbery Robert E. Gaffin H. P. Gallibraith Eugene Gastiger Abel H. Hall William B. Harris William P. Harris Edward W. Harvey Henry B. Hinton Victor L. Hitter Michael L. James Thomas Johns Jesse E. Jones John Jonas Owen King Acle McMahone Bruce H. Mason Alexander McAlfrey William McCartney George F. Mardel Frank S. McNeil Michael Nugent Jesse J. Norgard Frank Ottis Martin Hall Maethias J. Ostberg Charles F. Patton Charles M. Pyle William Raymond T. J. Renaux Thos. W. Robinson G. A. Schudoma Alvin D. Sheldon William F. Stanley Lorenz Shanb Frank E. Tate Joseph L. Trahaunt William F. Turner Charles Uebele Eugene Valencour Chas. R. Valentine William H. Walsh Louis Weigle Charles M. Walker Eugene A. Whitten Samuel Gilliam William Gottleib
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