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Combat Veteran Raps About PTSD

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Not an advertisement by any means. The newly released video was created by a combat Iraq/Afghanistan Veteran named Moses Mitchell from Raleigh, NC. The non profit organization of Struggle Beyond the Decade was formed in 2018. The director and president of the organization, veteran Aaron Martinez was motivated to find resolve for veteran suicide after a comrade whom he served with in OIF took his own life.

In his film series, he specializes in capturing people’s messages, agendas and life experiences to help create positive discourse and new developmental dialogue in the veteran suicide epidemic that is stealing the lives of 22 veterans each day. Apart of this efforts is to help understand crisis resolve and toxic veterans treatment plans, culture shock and the hard transitions into civilian life especially for those who deal with PTSD.

The aim of this film series is to help prevent veteran suicides and to help others dealing with similar issues. By relating insightful transitional stories, veterans can forge a realistic, shared idea of how to belong to a world so obscure, especially for those members diagnosed with severe PTSD and traumatic brain injuries. Hopefully, many people will view this documentary series, so many people have already re connecting with veteran friends, re establish positive relationships and providing first response networks.

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