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Commander is Fostering a Stressful Environment

Posted by /u/Heavens_Sword1847 on

This has been on my mind for a while, but recent events have really driven the final nail in the coffin and I'm finally at the point where it needs to be talked about.

Basically, I'm on an overseas assignment. We've been working pretty hard for the past couple of weeks, but on the 16th our ops Tempo got crazy. We've been working 12 hour shifts, six days a week, but have a ton of work to do even on our 'off' day and "down time".

It was on the 21st that things got crazy. That was the day I physically couldn't even get away from work. There was just too much to do. Finally, somebody went straight to the commander. We only found out afterwards, but apparently they had a solution that would instantly take away most of our work, but would make living conditions vastly worse for us and lower the morale of every troop stationed at this overseas assignment.

And you know what he said? The commander replied with one word.


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