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Community Awards Update

Posted by /u/rbevans on

Recently reddit introduced Community Awards. You can read about it here, but essentially Community Awards give mods the ability to create custom Awards for redditors to use in their own communities. Mods can select the images, names, and Coin price of Awards to reflect their own communities. Awards can be priced between 500 Coins and 40,000 Coins.

Community Awards will be available to give in the communities that created them, in addition to Silver, Gold, and Platinum Awards (which are available site-wide).

In the next few days we will be rolling this out, but we want to share out what we've been working on.

We are a sub of not just US military, but world wide military and with that said much of what we created is US centric. This is mainly, because we don't know the inside jokes of foreign military like we do the US. For example, the Bronze Star is given out to someone just for showering on a deployment. So if you have any suggestions either for US or Non-US military please share and we can work on adding those.

Here is the full res album of work and below are the award price points.

  • 500 Coins - Bronze Star
  • 1000 Coins - ARCOM
  • 2000 Coins - National Defense Medal
  • 5000 Coins - PT Belt
  • 10,000 Coins - Sham Shield
  • 40,000 Coins - Jump Wings
  • MOD Award - ST Mattis (only can be given out by a mod)
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