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Denied Overnight Pass (OPINIONS?)

Posted by /u/Grenoir on

Hello everyone. I am currently deployed in Europe on a training rotation. We are nearing the end of our deployment. We have a very strict off post policy. Curfew at 2300 every night. No staying off post unless a pass has been approved. Getting regular passes is impossible outside federal holidays and even then we only had 2 opportunities in 7 months. I took both 4 days mentioned. As well as the rest of my platoon.

Now I have a girlfriend that I`ve met here, in the beginning of deployment, and tried to see her whenever I could, which is 6 times total in the last 4 months. I saw her during 2 4days we received and on 4 overnight passes. The overnight pass policy simply allowed me to stay 5 miles outside base in a small town where she would come and see me when we both had a day and a night off ;) It is not a full 2 day pass it just let me get off work and go to the small town and spend a night with her and then come back next evening.

Now as we are done with major training events, the company commander encourages people taking 4day passes as well as overnight passes. People can go to other countries. No hassle, your shit gets approved if you turn in paperwork a week ahead. Now I CANNOT go on a single pass until the end of deployment because my commander "has seen my name to much on pass requests".

My question is this normal? I have in no way taken other soldiers` chance to take passes before nor am I especially now. There was never an issue of too many soldiers asking for passes. For once, when there is no training and i don`t have to wait for 4 weeks to see someone I like, I am denied this privilege. Is this a justified reaction and punishment for my previous actions?

Please let me know what you ALL think!

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