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Discharged just fine in 2006. Desertion charge in 2015. Wtf.

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So I got an ELS in 2006. Blah blah whatever reason. Uncharacterized discharge. Okay, great.

Come to find out from a background check that I have a fucking federal charge for desertion from 2015.

Called my old base. Talked to transitions. They referred me to the Lead HR of whateverIDontRecall. This guy, during a 49 minute call, brought up every single paper I've ever had. Explained the exact process for that procedure. Zero paper on me for that. Zero process started for that. As far as the Army is concerned, I was discharged normally.

The guy reviewed my DD214. Exact same outcome. Separation date, same discharge status, same everything.

Called DIP - Deserter Information Point for the Army. These are literally the people who put you into NCIC. They ran my social - they have absolutely nothing in their system. The guy even told me "Sorry man. If you have a warrant, it didn't come from us."

State boys contacted the Army. Their point of contact is someone at the Army Absentee Collection and Information place who said (and this is vague) "Yes. There is a charge from 2015, but we have decided to take no action."

State police approve my background check. I get another one done days later. State Police approve my background check after 90 minutes, because I have the all clear assigned to me due to having paperwork from the Army.

So never mind the fact that I never deserted. Never mind the fact that I have a DD214. Never mind the fact that no one can find any paperwork regarding this, any notations on my jacket, and that the DIP never, ever had me in their system or received a DD553 regarding this...

...why in the shit would I get a charge in 2015 when I was separated in 2006?

I didn't make this post to get the advice that I should get a lawyer or JAG. I just want to know if anyone could remotely guess as to why this happened. It's pretty messed up, and although my background checks passed, this is going to have to be rectified.

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