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Free Concerts & Sporting Events for Military Members

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Do you know about all of the free benefits available to you & your family as a result of your military service?

So many of you reading this, work incredibly hard and sacrifice everything for others, yet you don’t take the time to decompress & enjoy yourselves. The question I want to ask is, “what is holding you back from traveling & having fun with your family & friends?” Is it time, money, resources or a combination of the 3? If you don’t already know, there is a huge community of fellow service members & military supporters who donate a tremendous amount of time, money & resources for you to enjoy the little things in life. Whether it is for an hour, a day, or maybe 4, they want to decompress & be free of your worries.

Now many of you may be saying well if there are so many people & organizations out there to help us why don’t I know about them? The best answer I can give you is many of these incentives / benefits are “tribal knowledge” and only spread by word of mouth. These organizations spend a lot of time & money providing things to us at a discounted rate or possibly even free of cost, so it is up to us to continue educating our community. Please if you take the time to read or listen to this episode, share it with any & every service member within your network/family, so they to can enjoy these incredible benefits.

How many of you dream of taking your family on a vacation?

You may dream of taking your family on vacation to Disneyland, but the cost of tickets is so expensive that it may not be in your budget. With the average park hopper ticket costing anywhere from $129 - $149 for person for a “1-Day” pass most of us rather use our money a little more wisely. But did you know that for $50 more you can purchase a “4-Day” park hopper ticket for $198 if you are an active duty or retired service member? 1 Day for $149 or 4 Days for $198… You do the math.

Say theme parks aren’t really your thing but you & your family enjoy the outdoors, places like Yosemite National Park, Grand Canyon National Park or Zion National Park. Don’t let them be an unchecked box on your bucket list, take your family a friends out exploring completely free. If you are on active duty it is simple as showing a park employee your military ID and receiving a “military” park pass that is valid for an entire year. What if you are a service connected “disabled” veteran with a rating of 50% or more? You are actually eligible for a “lifetime” pass to all National Parks & sites through out the US & it’s territories.

Do you want to score free tickets to your favorite artist’s concert? What about watching a title fight in Las Vegas? Free NHL, NFL, MLB tickets? It sounds to good to be true, but you have my word it’s not! If you want to learn more about some truly incredible entertainment opportunities for you & your family, please listen to this episode.

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