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Gaius Marius and the ALRM

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I am in a promotion school for the Army and I am tasked with writing a paper concerning a Legacy Leader. According to the Army, a leader displays attributes that are his/her 1. character, 2. presence, and 3. Intellectual capacity. They also display competencies, which are 1. leads, 2. develops, and 3. achieves.

The task requires me to choose a leader and how they embody these attributes and competencies. I would like to choose a Roman general and thought about Gaius Marius and maybe focusing on the Marian reforms.

I am not asking anyone to write a paper, but I am asking everyone's opinions on examples on how Gaius Marius displayed each attribute and competency. If you could, please cite your source so I can continue to read and gain more knowledge on the subject. I am also attaching ADP 6-22 Army Leadership link so you can gain more insight into what I am talking about.

Thank you.

ADP 6-22 Army Leadership

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