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Going to Art school after service

Posted by /u/HollowNeck on

What were your experiences going to art school after or during your time in the service?

Did the GI bill help with paying for any education? Or did you feel like it was a gimmick?

What degree did you study and what is it like now?

What was it like not going to college at 18 but instead around 23 or 24?

How did you mix in with the student population?

How do you think your military service impacted your performance as a student?

I’m trying to gain enough input so I can really be confident on my decision to join the Air Force. Paying for school is just simply not something my family can afford and quite honestly, the party scene and hanging out with kids with no real life experiences and just dicking around with their parents money just sounds lame and not something I can afford both money wise and focus wise. I’d rather save money in the bank and make myself a better person and then being able to use all of these great benefits after I get out and still be 23 or 24 when going to higher education.

Thank you for your time, I’ve googled this question for months but cannot find any real answers and hopefully this post helps even some more people!

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