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Good Subreddit For Veterans?

Posted by /u/NotAnNSAGuyPromise on

Hey everyone,

Does anyone know of any good subreddits for veterans to talk about things that affect veterans? You know, things that aren't how you're miserable, how to scam the VA, how the VA sucks, how you can't cope with the real world, make friends with normal people, or keep a job, or how you're going to kill yourself tonight?

Cause from what I've seen, there are a lot of us out there. Veterans who are happy, successful, and just want to network with likeminded people and help others who are getting out. I'm positive we're the silent majority, and most of us are banned from the echochamber of misery that is /r/veterans. I'd love a place to help people transition from service, talk about moving and getting jobs, network and tell jokes, answer general questions...

We got anything like that around?

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