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Got an idea for a military-themed Youtube Channel that makes fun of stolen valor imposters

Posted by /u/Deleganth on

I got an idea for a youtube channel: Mr. Stolen Valor

Where it's about a dude with such a stupidly fake uniform who brags about impossibly stupid shit.

Like this dude claims he's an E-50 (Supreme Lancer Commanding Staff General Sergeant of the sergeants of the sergeants) and his rank insignia has so many chevrons (that are obviously cardboard) that it extends past the sleeve itself and is clearly a pin.

His MOS is ∞XXX (Super Dee Duper Most Speical-est Forces)

His name badge is a "hello my name is" sticker with a smiley face drawn on it in crayon.

His "medal rack" is a bunch of grid spaces that were randomly colored in (badly) with a magic marker on a piece of cardboard that extends off his uniform. It also spins around.

He wears two pairs of sunglasses.

He smokes a cigar the size of a submarine sandwich.

And he was deployed to Craplakistan for 1000 years with his trusty footwear: crocs.

His favorite weapon is the tactical dildo (a cammo dildo). For infiltration missions. B)

Think people will get the joke or nah?

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