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Green Beret Commander Mykel Hawke - Biographical Interview Podcast

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Special Forces Commander Mykel Hawke - Biographical Interview Podcast

Special Forces Commander Mykel Hawke - Biographical Interview Podcast

Hi all,

I interviewed Green Beret and survivalist Mykel Hawke on my podcast about his childhood, using love and hate as motivation and the meaning of life for him. Hope you guys may be interested.

Interview here:

“The secret to life is to figure out what your weaknesses are and work around them and what your strengths are and work with them.” Mykel spent 20 years in the US Army and attained the rank of Captain in the Green Berets. He held three Special Forces Military Operation Skills (MOS) including Special Forces Medic, Special Forces Communicator and Special Forces Intelligence Operations.

He has trained UN Peacekeepers in Africa while fighting rebels and been active in search and rescue missions in Colombia during the drug war.

Mykel has starred in over 50 TV shows as well as the programs he created including Man, Woman, Wild and One Man Army for Discovery Channel as well as Lost Survivors for Travel Channel and Elite Tactical Unit for Outdoor Channel. He has black belts in aikido and judo. He has written books including but not limited to The Quick and Dirty Guide to Learning Language Fast, Hawke’s Green Beret Survival Manual, Hawke’s Special Forces Survival Handbook: The Guide to Getting Out Alive and Family Survival Guide: The Best Ways For Families to Prepare, Train, Pack and Survive Everything.

Every year, he works as a judge at the International Warrior Competition in Amman, Jordan in addition to being a Professor of Survival at the American Survival Guide University in Florida.

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