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Have any of you guys legitimately been worried of Jody making his way into the picture?

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Hey all. I’m being serious about this question because it’s starting to eat it’s way deeper into my head and I’m legitimately falling deeper and deeper into a pit of frustration and anger. This is honestly really fucking stupid but I believe the military has given me a fear of infidelity in a romantic relationship.

I’ve had some of my exes get back together with guys they told me not to worry about while we were together. One was enlisted like me and the other wasn’t. During my time in so far, it just seems like there’s tons of people that are unfaithful. Like an insane, ridiculous amount of people are unfaithful. The ones that have been together for years, the ones that seemed like they were just fine, etc. Along with the military, I’ve been involved in law enforcement and it’s pretty much the same there. I’m worried that I’m alone on this and I feel like an asshole, and the last thing I want to do is let this fuck with my head and ruin my future with someone. I’ve just read so many stories of Sgt Snuffy walking in on his wife getting piped and that’s my absolute worst fear.

Am I alone? Do I need to get the fuck over this? Have any of you guys felt this?

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