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Helping a sister who's brother was killed in Vietnam War. TLDR; Help with Photo restoration w/ fallen Comrade Vietnam War.

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Hey all I figured I would reach out to this community, as I think what I am about to ask will resonate. The barber at the building I work (Big HQ in DC) is awesome she takes care of a whole bunch of us folks there. We got to talking one day and she tells me about her brother, he was a Vietnamese sailor, an engineer of some sort. She was telling me how I reminded her of her brother and was very happy to talk about him, anyway he was killed during an attack on ship during the earlier parts of the war. She brought in photos just last week to show me, and I have the same hair but he is a better looking guy. The photos were a little worn out and faded, the color was black and white. I know there are people who do picture restorations, if any one is in here I could use your help. I think giving her color photos would really make her day. Please let me know if you know someone or have some tips to help out. Thanks

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