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How do I organize a meetup in my base housing for figure drawing sessions with people from off base

Posted by /u/privateblueballs on

I want to organize a meetup every week or two at my house where eclectic art types can come on over and draw a real live model (aka. me) and improve their art form. But I don't know how I will arrange this when you need a pass to get on base and there's probably gonna be like 5-10 people coming at once. I thought about making them park at the train station parking lot right outside the base and I can come pick em up but I don't think my dodge challenger will fit that many people let alone without looking suspicious. I already have a roster of a couple dozen people interested, just gotta figure out how to bring them on base.

I really rather have the art session in the comfort of my home, plus no need to rent a space and they're usually empty anyway. My place has plenty of room and have everything ready including a lot of buckets, chairs, cushions and towels, and plastic sheeting on the ground. Art dudes just gotta bring their own supplies.

I've thought about asking this to the visitor control center but I don't want to get on their radar or be asked too many questions, especially with the frequency (weekly/biweekly) that the meetups happen. Would they even care if I ask for a pass for like 10 people every week?

I plan on moving off base once my lease is up so I don't have to deal with this but in the meanwhile gotta figure this out. If anyone has any ideas please advise. Thank you.

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