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How realistic is "Generation Kill"? Question regarding scene between Gunnery Sergeant Griego and First Lieutenant Fick.

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In the TV series "Generation Kill" during Ep. 2 Part 2: The Cradle of Civilization, beginning at timestamp 0:37:40, Gunnery Sergeant Griego approaches First Lieutenant Fick, alongside Captain Schwetje, and begins to boast about how LAR's taught the Haji a lesson they wouldn't forget, without addressing him by name, rank, or title. Shortly after, when First Lieutenant Fick referenced a civilian with severed lower limbs, Gunnery Sergeant Griego asks First Lieutenant Fick "What the hells your problem?" again without name, rank, or title. Then later in the same scene, after First Lieutenant Fick suggests that Gunnery Sergeant Griego has inadequately supplied his Marines with batteries to power their night optics and points out that he has more optics, thermals, and batteries on his person than First Lieutenant Fick's entire platoon, Gunnery Sergeant Griego tells First Lieutenant Fick that he is way out of line. Captain Schwetje quickly backs up Gunnery Sergeant Griego by stating that First Lieutenant Fick's men need to conserve resources. But why didn't Captain Schwetje address First Lieutenant Fick head-on? Does a Company-level Senior Sergeant have the authority to speak to or put a Platoon-level Junior Officer in their place like that? I thought that sort of dialogue was a no-no for enlisted directed at officers?

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