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How would the scenario in Johhny got his gun happen in real life?

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Basically in the book, Joe, the main character has suffered an extreme accident, causing him to lose his arms, legs, and everything on his face. Eventually he is able to communicate with military members via Morse code that he wants his body to be placed in a glass box and to be toured around the country, showing the horrors of war. The military seems to not want this to happen as it's against their regulations. It is also implied Joe is going to live the rest of his natural life like this. (Correct me if there are inaccuracies as I haven't read the book, just extremely curious as it sounds interesting and I'm just looking at the Wikipedia summary for it) How would any military group react to a situation like this? Would they let Joe continue to live out like this? Try to fix him? Or would they euthanize him/do assisted suicide? Sorry for any things I got wrong or am missing, I haven't read the book at all, just curious about it after watching a YouTube video about it.

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