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If anyone has any experience with this please help.

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I have been in the reserves for over 4 years. Although in the last year I have gotten a major tumor removed from my neck. A stomach surgury and multiple procedures. Along with having to spend the last 6 months in and out of the hospital "longest stay being almost two weeks" I have severe intestinal issues including ulcerative colitis, chronic gastritis, and I had an intussusception that started all of these issues. Along with that, I have an abnormal heart rate "avg being 95 bpm". Before I got sick I always ran first class pft and cft. I have no negative paperwork, I havent even been late to a formation.

My questions: 1)I havent been able to drill for almost 10 months, will I ever go back? And what should i expect? 2) I have no family history of any stomach issues and live a healthy life the only things I can correlate my issues to is being in a base that had a high contamination of sulfates in the water "the airforce did a study" along with when In boot camp our SDI would punish us by making the platoon drink 4-6 canteens of water in a matter of 5-10 minutes until a good amount of the platoon would throw up. I am drowning in medical debt and would like to know if a reservist can even get a disability rating.

Any information or similar experiences are much appriciated. My corpsman are not much help..

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