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Insane step-grandmother tells Red Cross to go fuck themselves...

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So my insane step-grandmother cancelled the Red Cross message my mom started because "my family is to know nothing of my grandfather's condition" and that I "can find my own way home" -- that said, the Red Cross rep told my mom that they will push the message immediately upon death bc she can't stop that.

The odd thing is that my mom has been my grandfather's medical rep for the last few years as his dementia worsened, under an agreement they had. Now that gpa is in hospice care, and the doctors are saying he's got about a day or two left, step-grandmother has fully cut off the family. I'm getting a feeling that at some point since his dementia has worsened, she found a way to change his inheritance too. She's like 12 years younger, and we always suspected she married for money ~40yrs ago...but I digress. That's not really my family's concern. I am just venting about a horrible person who has been treating my mom, who has always adored and cared for her daddy, like a piece of shit for no reason. Like, seriously, WHO THE FUCK CANCELS A RED CROSS MESSAGE. The Red Cross was seriously surprised, and said "well, this is a first..."

I don't need anything from y'all, other than an ear to complain. I've been around, and my unit is fully backing anything I need.

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