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Is my recruiter just trying to make some early commission off me?

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To preface, I scored a 96 on my ASVAB and a 77 on my EDPT. After finishing my ASVAB and MEPS I was placed in DEPS. I told my recruiter that I'd like to do Cyber Warfare Operations and I was told that I had to take a second test (EDPT) to see if I qualify. Today I took the test and I qualify for the position.

The issue is, my recruiter is saying that I need to be given a job this month, and Cyber Warfare Operations wasn't listed for him. This is only my first month in DEPS so I was assuming I had plenty of time. I feel like my recruiter is just trying to make some early commission off me but I'm not sure, I'd really appreciate some help from some people who know the ropes.

If it means anything I did take the oath at MEPS.

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