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How are you guys doing with religion? It certainly can screw up things in your career. Over the years people had inquired if I was a God, I do not know, I do not know anything. I was like going to get screwed immediately. I'm not a terribly religious person, I speculate, I've had experiences. I have an affinity for Norse Myth, myth, you know, Hellas, that old cornerstone of a civilization. I do not believe in piety or dogma's, I am a flesh, blood and bone Man, mortal, I am not the best. I am not the biggest, baddest mother fucker in the cosmos, to my knowledge. I do not engage in Krieg Spiel for ego, only satisfaction and hormonal needs for sport and all, you want your nut. I have good hormones, that's the best I can say. Morale and comradery had been a debacle for ages. Things in the US aren't like they are in the old world, Norselands, Europe, Britain. I really do have a longing for these things in comradery and satisfaction of duty, it's like hormones. People have different hormones, workers, soldiers, drones, alpha's, beta's, omega's... Human social structure is evolving.

Moving on, over the years I had crossed paths with people, or met people. Some people seem to know who I am, they told me I was Zeus. I have a sense of humor, this had been going on for ages now and is starting to come into my personal life. I do not literally know or believe I am Zeus, I am actually uncertain. I do not know anything, I only have my imagination and all. It's not something I would dilute myself with and knew I was going to get fucked immediately. I have been dodging bullets for the last ten years, trying to live it down, stay off the radar and get back in the service.

I do not see these incidents as a serious problem, more of just compromising me. I can handle it and humility, I fucked a lot of whores in the shade of night. That was something that I knew better than to do and did it anyway, you learn. Keepin my prick in my pants was one of my concerns over the years, around my 20's I kind of just let loose of the monogamy and ravaged several beautiful women, and a... heifer or two.

So, I'm a really down to Earth individual. I was trying not to get assassinated most importantly.

Besides all that bullshit, I wanted to talk about the Army.

It looks like we can grow our beards now! That's a real breakthrough. The Asatru faith troopers are allowed to grow their beards, as well as the Muslims. I do not know anything about Islam. Cultural sensitivity seemed to be a concern to some, I am not culturally sensitive, I would appreciate the end of Jihad, at least. Things are not this simple, I do not know anything about bureaucracy and religion. I do know the Nobility and Aristocracy were supposed to work with the Church and that doesn't seem to be functioning, because they should know what is going on.

I understand speculation and scrutiny is a concern.

I had crossed paths with several deities over the years.. I won't bother convincing you. I've had paranormal experiences, I seen a gigantic apparition flying around in the sky, like God or something. Shape shifters, shadow people, ghosts, other things. People get so frustrated I do not often enjoy talking about any of it. People have the nerve to take offense by these things and find them like inconvenient to their bubbles. I understand seeing is believing and seeing is not believing, you're just delusional.

There's conspiracy amid all this as well. I immediately chose to tell the truth to the authorities. I told them everything and nothing transpired except my on going ostracization.

Anyway, I'm trying not to get fucked here.

I do not know what's going on. There was some bureaucracy going on, I was of little concern other than being insulted? These brothers from the Savannah were just ravaging this supposed Goddess and they were insulting me, I do not care. I mean, that's the extent of animalistic things I had been through. There were multiple incidents of sexual exploits and these demons trying to insult me in the most animalistic way I've seen.

I'm not a politician anyway. Like, the African American party was trying to maintain leverage or something, my life had been threatened regularly. These people advocate the Egyptian culture or were representing the Egyptian Gods and were handling some things. I have just tried to not get involved, I had told the police like I said. This was happening in a city in the US.

Enjoy yourselves, drink, make merry, dance, sing, train.

I'm mostly just puzzled by all of this what the fuck. It seems the Gods are amid a coup. Some do not deserve the reputations and some do. I do not know what St.Michael is doing, but, he has the power to appeal to his prestige, some people say he's an evil bastard. Some worship Michael as their All Father, there's like a cult around him. That's the best and worst I can do, I do not lack sinew to take action, I do not want to mettle any further in this stupidity.

I'm not even religious, I do not believe in dogma really. Divine intervention, prayer... A person should stand independently of such things. This was a crime that took place and people suffer and have lost their lives. It all really disgusts me.

This was happening in a town in the US, public incidents and I was alienated, I alienated myself. I had a few psychotic episodes downtown, all better now. There's not much I can do, I told the authorities everything I could. I was compromised as well. If I approach these people it would be harassment, I mean, it had been going on years. These "VIP's" here in this town are pretty well protected.

You can't take the law into your own hand. I mean, I've seen the cops exploited ten times over throughout the years. It's painful to sacrifice yourself in the nature of liabilities in allocating with people personally. I choose to defect from the situation the best I can.

The Beard things though, after a deployment you should definitely be allowed to grow a beard. Shaving daily is painful, painful. It's just some type of indignity in the military, like, You do not deserve a beard, on occasion. Amid all indignities, a beard is not a major concern of mine.. I have a nice beard after a few weeks. One small bald patch and the rest filled in, I was a bit of a late bloomer... I didn't really start blooming until my 30's and I was 260 lb 73" meathead, good beard.

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