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Looking for any Air Force Special Tactics or Space Operations officers to sway me towards one or the other

Posted by /u/MrAnonymo-s on

I’m definitely joining the Air Force and becoming an officer through ROTC with a degree in Astronautic Engineering. I would like to lead combat teams and see some action, but I also want utilize my engineering degree and help with space travel.

Right now I’m thinking I’ll join as an STO and once I move away from seeing combat as I gain rank, I would switch to Space Ops.

I’m not confident my local recruiters, as when I first met them and said I wanted to be an STO, they replied with “What’s that?” And it’s hard to find info on either job, as they are pretty secretive.

Can anyone provide insight on either job, if it’s possible to do what I stated above, or recommend other fields I should look in to?

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