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Migration from private health insurance to Tricare Reserve Select

Posted by /u/FancyRedditPseudonym on

Heya Redditors,

As a reservist (Navy) I currently have health insurance coverage through my civilian job. It does an ok job but is a little pricey and I'm considering a migration to Tricare Reserve Select as a lower cost alternative. It looks like it'll be about half the cost of what I'm currently paying.

I have two rugrats and a missus living at home and at least one of us needs an ER visit every year. About the time I have the previous visit paid off something else goes pear shaped.

Has anyone else made a transition like this and what kind of experiences did you have? Any hidden gotchas or unexpected twists?

I am convinced that no health insurance or provider will exist without causing headaches, so mostly I'm expecting to trade one set of headaches for another.

Thank you for any input you might have.

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